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Name: TY
Time Frame:pacific


The Basics
Name:Riley Madison
Age: 26
Birthdate: June 6, 1979
Occupation: Librarian
Living Conditions:
Journal: rileymadison

Physical Description,Height,Weight,Appearance: She’s about 135 lbs, shoulder length dirty blonde hair that constantly stays in her eyes, 5’8 with a small tat on the back of her neck, lip and both brows are pierced

Personality:Very laid back not territorial, tries not to feed but a girls gotta eat, she’s a roll with the punches kind of girl…till you make her mad and you don’t want to do that.

Sexuality: homosexual
Alignment: neutral (for now)
Loyalty: (Riley doesn't care much for 'politics' she doesnt believe in labels and barriers she just wants to exist. she doesn't care about the world and it's vies infact she's the exact opposite of what the world would view )
General Personality: Laid back
Strengths: knowledge, courage and honesty....brutal honesty
Weaknesses:She can not be introduced to extreme heat,holy items and will be scarred if in contact with any holy things. She can be offed by decapitation, spine injuries and wounds to the heart

Affinity: (Water, Air, Fire, etc)
Special Skills: speed and strength
Powers: fast healing, hypnotism
Weapons:none really, but when and if she has to choose weaponry a crossbow is her favorite toy

Background:Riley was never a girl to complain or raise hell. She was simply a laid back girl throughout her years. Her mother died at child birth and her father dumped her off on her grandma. She always felt like she was an unordinary girl especially when her grandma walked in on her and her girlfriend making out. Riley was sent away to a catholic high school to combat the demon inside her. As her grandma always put it. In high school she picked up the acoustic guitar which she enjoys to play especially when rolling up a big fat blunt.
Weed wasn’t addictive for her it was her cure for the blues. Her ganja and her music. Highschool ended and she enrolled in college where she took classes and earned her degree in education. However in college she was introduced to cocaine. It wasn't a big time thing at first just a line or two here but slowly it consumed her and she forgot about her music, her life and centered her world around the white girl. For a year she was on a drug binge, shaking in corners when her thirst for the ‘good stuff’ became too much for her pocket book.
One night a man named Kel bumped into her while she was wondering the streets looking for another dealer and remembered her from a couple of jam sessions they had back when she was in school. She didn't want to hear about her past it hurt her too much but Kel didn't judge her instead he offered her a place to live and help with her problem. He embraced he skill with music and always commended her on her voice. He became her best friend and after six months of rehab and encouragement she kicked the habit and tried to refocus her life. They got an apartment together but she soon saw strange qualities in her friend. He never ate what she ate and he never went out during the day and he was just....eerie.
She landed a job at the library and ignored his strange qualities but soon she had to face them head on. One night she got off early from the library and walked in on Kel feeding on another person. She tried to flee but he caught her and calmed her down and explained to her his way of life. She at first thought he was crazy but after thinking it through it sounded quite possible. Two months went on with her knowing about her friend before she herself became quite curious about it. Then one night she decided to ask him to turn her. And he did.
After turning her he showed her the ropes what she could do, what she couldn't do and what she had better not do in a million years. He explained the history and showed her how to embrace her new senses and abilities. It wasn't long before she did so and became rather good for her age. She felt as if she had started over and soon reemerged into her music. She started to do small gig's at a club ran by one of Kel's friends, Mickey. Things were balancing out until Kel was hunted down and killed. By who and why? She had no idea but his sudden death made her draw even deeper into herself than she was before. She moved from the apartment and got a place a little far from the city. Two years passed and she now has a blossoming underground music career and decent living for herself. Of course she is haunted by her turn and her past but her love for music hasn't changed infact because of her experience it has made her connect more with her songs, her music and her growing fan base

Family: Only child(as far as she knows), no attachment to parents only her grandmother who thinks she is pure evil
History: see background

Sample Post:The little room is dark a short man with a bad comb over walks over to the mic on stage and wipes sweat from his brow. Riley could smell his fear. He clears his throat and begins to speak.

“So hello gentlemen how are you tonight?” He laughed at his own joke, a sure sign that it bombed. Riley bit her lip backstage and shook her head…silly man you don’t crack jokes like that in a gay nightclub. This crowd was always a harsh one they threw bottles, chairs and yelled until the host arrived soothing the crowd with a shut the fuck up you shit heads remark. They did he was a good guy and a great mc; he always helped riley get a spot in every week. Pay was lousy but exposure is exposure right?
“Ladies and gentleman without further adieu…riley.”

Applause was instantaneous. Her music appealed to everyone rich, poor, criminal, and prude. She could tell by the way the entire dykes with bikes biker gang started yelling like a homo at a cher concert. The roof damn near went off when she parted the makeshift curtains her guitar in her hand. She sat down in a stool dressed in all black. Two strings of hair resting in her eyes. Two roses leap from the crowd followed by a pair of underwear. Riley looked at them and grinned. She bent over and picked them up, stuffed them in her pocket and the crowd ate it up. It was true she could have anyone in the room that night, but her attention was already focused on a blue-eyed blonde bombshell. The lights went down she propped her guitar on her leg and began to strum lightly. Her song making some stop, some rock back and forth…but most were closing there eyes appreciating the calm soothing nature of her thick, sultry, melancholy vocals.

She ended the song her eyes closed she opened them and the crowd went nuts, applause, dollar bills and another pair of underwear. She’d leave those for the man with the old comb over maybe he could have a good liquid dream or two. She took a bow and walked off stage and directly to the bar where the blonde was sitting. She looked down the whole way until she was right in front of her. She lifted her head slightly and there eyes met.

“Come with me.” The girl didn’t protest she took her hand and they walked out the crowd still yelling for an encore. Not tonight girls…she was hungry. Once they were back in her apartment she brought out some wine, rolled a fat blunt and sat down next to the girl. She always showed a good time before…always. They smoked, ordered pizza and watched movies until the girl’s hand found Riley’s ass. They made love soft, slow and sensual. She satisfied her, every inch of her. Afterwards she made a slow line of kisses from the girls legs to her neck, where her fangs protruded and dug into the girls skin. She moaned while she drank and begged her to continue until she realized she was being drained and even then she didn’t protest. Riley hadn’t eaten in a while so she drained her for the most part. She’d get rid of the body later right now she needed a smoke. So she went on her patio, brought her guitar and smoked another blunt.

Sample Journal Entry:
Riley rolled over in her bed and scanned the body next to her. You didn’t have to check her pulse to see that she was dead....all you had to do was watch her pretty tits and see that her chest was no longer rising nor falling. Riley reached over and stroked her face before grabbing some papers and rolling up a quick joint. She’d have to hurry shed be a bit late for work dumping this body. A knock was heard at her bedroom door and then a sudden figure burst through. She stood up fangs was only the mc from the club. A little flamer with a blood red Mohawk....she called him Mickey. He knew about her little secret....and sometimes helped her keep it one.

"Jesus riley...what the hell is that broad doing here."

"Dinner....i wanted take out....i showed her a good time i always do.'

'Yeah right before ya bleed em' dry huh, one of these days im going to watch ya feed riley.'

'No...don’t ever watch it’ll give ya nightmares.' she said looking seriously into his eyes and then grinning. 'Now come on sweetness hit the joint and get rid of this for me so i wont be late.'

'Alright but you really need to stop depending on me i wont be here forever.'

'I could change that.' Riley said hopping out of bed naked and heading for the shower.

'I’ll pass....see ya at the club on Friday riley...dont be late!'

'Alright Mickey take of my girl for me.'

'You know i always do.' he said leaving and taking the cold, dead body with him.

After getting out the shower she pulled on a tight black, thin sweater and a pair of fitted but not too tight jeans, black boots and an upside down cross she sported around her neck. She grabs her bag and slings it over her shoulder as her drive to the library begins. It’s pretty far she got a pretty god damn good apartment...not too close to the city a bit father out but convenient for her....appetite. She reaches the library clocks in and sits behind the desk tucking back hair from her eyes that just falls back in them anyway. Two girls walk up.

'How may i help you?' she says a fake smile slapped on her face.

'Riley Madison' they both smile wide and pull out pen and paper. 'You work here....but we thought you sang at the club with mickey and...'

'50 bucks a show aint enough to pay the bills, hate to seem like a sellout to the starving artist but...i don't deal well with hunger.' she said not even looking up at them. She glances up a bit of hair in her face. She caught eyes with the girls....they both have blonde hair, one with blue eyes the other with green. She was a sucker for that cliché look. She smiled widely, looking from girl to girl.

'Would you girls like to come to my pad...smoke a blunt and hear a new song i wrote.'

'Yeah, for sure.' they both say in unison.

'Good.' she says looking down at her desk. She looks up again and smiles.

A midnight snack.

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